Daily Bulletin

Escanaba Junior High Bulletin for Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Parent Meeting Information

If you were unable to attend the parent meetings, information is available here. Questions can be sent to the Counselors Liz Schlenvogt or Kenzie Waller.
Current 6th and 7th Grades
Current 8th Grade


: Do not jam your lockers open using pens/pencils/ erasers, etc. This breaks the lock. If your lock is found jammed open or broken, there will be a $5 charge to fix it.


Mr. Ciofu: (each week) Mondays in Mr. Salo’s room (A400); Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the library

New Updates of Junior High Attendance Policy: (As of 09/20/2022)

It has come to our attention that students are calling home and leaving the building without notifying the office.

It has been our policy to have a student who wishes to leave school and want to go home, (feeling sick, has an appointment, etc.) to come to the office first. The office secretary will call home to get a parent/guardian to pick them up from school.

All Junior High students who are leaving before the end of the school day must stop in the office to fill in the NEW Sign-Out Log. If a student leaves the building without signing out in the office, they will not be excused from this absence even if a parent or guardian calls in after student has left. (For example: A student leaves after lunch without notifying the office, and the parent/guardian calls at 2:30 to excuse this absence). It will NOT be excused without the student signing out at the office!

This is to ensure that all students are safe and accounted for in our building at all times. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office.

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